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Here are the rules:

The Class of '66 Forum is for the exchange of ideas, contacts, reminiscences, opinions, information, etc. that may be of common interest to classmates, their wives, and their widows. Currently we ahve about 250 classmtes on the lsit. You can join the daily '66 Forum, or you can join the Forum Digest, which sends you periodically a list of the emails posted, along with subject and sender.
*IMPORTANT*: This is a CLOSED forum: what is said on the Forum stays on this Forum. You may not quote someone and send it off Forum without the express consent of the originator. Nor may you forward Forum messages to anyone else- not even classmates who are not members of the Forum, or who are suspended from same. This is to protect the privacy of our thoughts and to allow us to freely express them without fear of them getting out to the public. Accepting membership to this Forum requires acceptance and compliance of this provision as part of the Terms of Service.
   Unlike the AOG's distro '66 list (used for class business), I have set up this Forum to allow articles, photos, and short videos (up to 4MB) to be attached. Whenever possible, the use of URL's instead of attachments is preferred, in order to save bandwidth and download time.
We are all gentlemen (and ladies) and we can disagree, but should do so without rancor.  We also don't use the worst of language, but since we're all grownups, it's OK to use the occasional Bad Word, since, Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
If things start to get out of hand on a topic, I will call a cease work. When I call cease work, it means just what it did when we were cadets. Ignoring a cease work, or being grossly uncivil, will lead to temporary suspension; emotions and spirited disagreements are fine. Insults are not. The time period of a suspension depends on the gravity of the offense and the number of prior offenses. So far, only a couple have had to sit "virtual con" for awhile.
There is always a delicate balance between keeping a Forum relevant and open, and the traffic at a manageable level. Many of you have resolved the problem by having me change your address to a separate one you set up just for Forum traffic, or switching to a home, vice work, address, or requesting a temporary suspension while away for awhile. I am happy to do this for anyone who wants.
If you want to contact a classmate, let me know and I'll send you his address if he or she is on the Forum. Membership in this Forum implies consent to give your address out to classmates only- but if you object to that you can contact me and so state and I will not share your address.
*When you hit the "Reply" (or the "Reply All") button to answer a post it goes to the entire Forum.* To send a message to an individual, copy his email address and post to him only. Messages to the Forum should have ONLY the Forum address and NO other (please verify before hitting "Send"). To compose an email to the Forum use this address:

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